Can you imagine; Boarding within minutes, direct travel to your final destination, with no intermediate stops. A system that works like a subway but spans a whole continent. Travelling with the speed of an airplane, with the comfort of a train, completely safe and with zero emission. That’s the hyperloop.

Rationally, hyperloop is the best solution as an alternative for short haul flights. It ticks all the boxes. And yet imagining what it will be like to travel with this new mode of transportation is quite a challenge. While this is exactly what is important to getting to know and embracing this new way of travel.

Initiated by Hardt Hyperloop, we therefore develop a program with the aim of increasing public involvement, acceptance and ultimately broad adoption among travellers around the world. We call it the Hyperloop Experience project. Experiencing it yourself is the key towards opening up the conversation.

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The Cabin-1 is the first result of this new program. In the coming years Hardt Hyperloop and items partners will jointly start new and exciting initiatives that will come to consumers and professionals all over Europe.

Hyperloop Experience is an initiative by Hardt Hyperloop and supported by industry leaders, knowledge institutes and government.


Imagine a world where distance does not matter. A world where you can live, work, and be with everyone and everything you care about within hand’s reach.

At Hardt we are working on solutions for heavily overpopulated cities: inaccessible rural areas and unhealthy industrial urbanization, all of which inhibits human potential. By developing the hyperloop we are creating an on-demand, affordable transport system witch which people can travel huge distances in a short time – all completely emission-free, safe, and accessible to everyone.

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