By developing the hyperloop we are creating an on-demand, affordable transport system with which people can travel huge distances in a short time. Completely emission-free, safe, and accessible to everyone. People will be able to live and work wherever they choose. Connecting the world is an intricate mission, and, to do this, we proudly collaborate with governments, leading industry parties, and institutes from all over the world.

“Since 2017 Hardt has made major progress in the development of hyperloop and proving it to be a feasible alternative for short-haul flights. However, despite great images and videos, the hyperloop remains something abstract. With the CABIN-1 we now also make hyperloop more tangible and accessible for the public, because that is where the further development of the hyperloop belongs: At the heart of society.”

Jelte Altena, Project Lead at Hardt

“The vehicle interior is designed to provide an open, welcoming environment, focused on the basics of human perception. While the seat layout, ergonomics and materials make for a great travel experience, the ceiling of the vehicle is fitted with an artificial sky that completely opens the vehicle interior and increases the feeling of space. Imagine traveling under an aurora, or even a live feed being projected from the International Space Station. Possibilities are limitless”

Jose Eduardo Sanchez, Head of Design at Hardt Hyperloop

The Cabin Experience lets people experience the next mode of transportation by themselves and wherever the physical experience stops, Accenture’s Extended Reality expertise makes it possible for the story to continue digitally. By bringing together creativity and technology Accenture aims to transport people into the year 2028. The year of hyperloop.

“In my role as Innovation Lead, I take the responsibility in ensuring that our clients experience the latest innovation in creativity & technology. Together with an amazing team of technologists and designers, we are aiming to push the boundaries, to be the visionaries, not the followers.”

Sebastian Veldman, Innovation Lead at Accenture Interactive Amsterdam

RECARO is the development partner for the Hardt Hyperloop seats and provides expertise for the design and ergonomics as well as the passenger safety of the seats. RECARO seats have always been the first of their kind – whether in motorsports, on the road or in the air. Starting with the first RECARO sports seat in 1965, which revolutionized automotive seating, to light and flexible aircraft seats, and on to the first child seat that grows together with the child, our products have set new standards over and over again. The first RECARO gaming seat, introduced in 2019, carries forward this tradition of pioneering. All RECARO products and business areas are connected by a common vision: To improve the performance of people in motion like no other.

“Our seating expertise has been applied to different areas of mobility including automotive, aircraft, and child safety. Based on this long-standing and multifaceted expertise in passenger safety, ergonomics, and lightweight design, we are able to contribute valuable insights and crucial solutions to this revolutionary transportation concept. The RECARO Ingenious Design approach was essential in developing the seating concept for the Hyperloop: based on this approach we were looking for the ideal combination of functionality, ergonomics and aesthetics.”

Hartmut Schürg, Chief Brand & Design Officer at the RECARO Group.

As a technology company Continental is all about curiosity, innovation and keeping the future in motion. The proof is in our broad portfolio of cutting-edge products, processes and solutions. When it comes to surface solutions, our materials optimally combine design and function. With our expertise, we foster new mobility in many ways – so it is exciting for us to be on board the Hyperloop project.

As a specialist for interior surface materials, especially seat, wall and floor coverings, I was very enthusiastic about the Hyperloop project from moment one. The project fits perfectly with our future-oriented product solution developments and our goal of working with innovative companies on new and sustainable transport solutions.

Bruno Lehmann, Vice President Interior at Continental

The Cabin-1 has been realized through intensive collaboration with companies from the Netherlands and Germany. With special thanks to the following parties: Project management was carried out by DEE Company (Heteren, Netherlands), the base was built by the company FeijenSP (Bemmel, Netherlands), the light and sound installation by YellowSpot (Hilversum, Netherlands), the upholstery and manufacture of the chairs by B&B Designs (Oss, Netherlands) and the Polyester shells by Poly Products (Werkendam, Netherlands).